Multi-language Knowledge Management with Matterial

Feature for multi-language organizations

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The way we handle multi-language documents in Matterial is unique on the market of knowledge management software.

What it is

A single document can be easily created in as many language versions as you like. Switch quickly between document languages with language tabs.

How it works

When creating a document for the first time or anytime when editing a document, the author sets the languages of the document in Matterial. You can select from almost any language in the world. For any document, you can choose how many and which language versions a document should have.


In Matterial, languages of a document are simply versions of one single document with the same ID. This makes it much easier to create, find, and precisely reference documents in different languages — without having to switch views, clutter the database, or having to manage languages in more than one place.

Everything is connected to one specific document and managed in the same context.

Use cases

Communicating comprehensibly and process information precisely in a foreign language is difficult for most people, especially when it comes to complex processes, documentation or work instructions. The results are often knowledge loss, slow work, misunderstandings, and errors.

Countries with more than one official language

In Switzerland, there are three official languages: German, French, and Italian. A knowledge base that includes everyone must not only provide content in all these languages, but also make it simple to manage.

Call center

Customer support is contacted by people with diverse language backgrounds. That’s why most call centers have agents who speak multiple languages, so they can help customers fast, individually, comprehensibly, and thoroughly. This works best, when help documents in the knowledge database are provided in more than one language, so agents don’t have to translate before being able to help.

International teams

Organizations with many locations worldwide have information that is relevant for everyone, which must be comprehensibly shared to guarantee frictionless communication and to prevent mistakes or misunderstandings.

Multi-language staff

To have the smartest people collaborate in an organization, we have to think outside our own language boxes. Any organization profits from this. If it’s easy to share information in different languages, much less gets in the way of seamless collaboration.

Multi-language customers & partners

A language is like a home. To ensure that customers and partners are comfortable is paramount for good business. With information in the respective language, most requirements for this have been already met.

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