Living knowledge for a productive and crisis-proof company.

Matterial is a software for valuable knowledge management. It’s where experience goes to become wealth.

Lots of little questions …

Everyday company knowledge is often stuck in the heads of just a handful of people. This is strainful for those who need to ask and those who have be to asked. If knowledge is available to anyone who needs it, then everyone has more time for the tasks that really matter.

“How does this work?”

How do I start a new project? How does the printer work? How do I make an on-brand presentation?

With Matterial, everyone has reliable company knowledge right at their fingertips.

Wie ging das nochmal?
Wen soll ich da fragen?

“Who should I ask?”

Mr Mustache who’s on vacation? Mrs Maudlin who’s stuck in a meeting? The Big Boss? How about the whole company?

Matterial records new information in a heartbeat and organizes it so that everyone understands it and collaboration is easy.

“How was I supposed to now?”

Did someone take care of the ISO-docs? Weren’t the developers responsible? Is this documented anywhere? What should I tell the client?

Matterial does away with silo mentality and isolated information. Everything is in one place, for better collaboration, no matter where you are.

Knowledge that’s available to everyone makes your processes transparent, and your employees productive, independent and confident. It’s a source of efficiency and happiness, for all.

Documenting process & projects

You can’t know everything. But you don’t have to.

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Multi-language documentation

Everyone needs to know instantly what’s going on.

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Service Center

Find answers to client questions in a heartbeat.

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Staff turnover & change of leadership

I wish knowledge was inheritable.

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Organize and manage knowledge with Matterial

Matterial helps you build a learning organization. Companies big and small, universities and co-ops, service centers and non-profits use knowledge management to capitalize on their experience.

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