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Make the most of your company’s knowledge by accessing expertise, documenting process and keeping everyone informed, in one place. No more files in folders, language barriers, or wasting time looking for the right information.

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Living knowledge is your efficiency and happiness driver

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Document & process management made easy

Record, share, apply

Matterial helps you record knowledge quickly and shares it with the right set of people. Everywhere, on any device.

Effective editor

A truly simple document editor helps you record and structure information, so everyone can understand it.

Finding, not searching

Forget files in folders in other folders. A lightning-fast search takes you directly to the knowledge you need.

Versioning & review

Documents have comparable, multi-language versions and are kept up-to-date with the built-in review system.

Clear roles and rights

Manage rights the easy way and make sure, everyone sees only what they need.

All in one

Matterial integrates itself into your work structure, systems and tools. That way, everything stays in one place.


Secure valuable knowledge that’s stuck in heads, documents, and files. Organize it in one comprehensible system. Distribute it to different channels.


Living knowledge instead of just data storage: Shared knowledge is a vital asset. Matterial helps you make the most of it and everyone can collaborate.


Stay effective and flexible by learning from mistakes instead of repeating them, by documenting what’s happening now, and by giving room for innovation.

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Peace of mind, productivity and efficiency for your team.

“For us, as a co-op, it’s imperative that everyone knows where to find an info and what to do with it, so we can make amazing projects happen. Matterial prevents information gaps by being our central source of knowledge.”

—Anne Meytzeich, Project coordinator
Synthro e.G.

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