Living Knowledge

Knowledge is the base every organization is built on. Utilized, it has a positive effect on every domain — from paperwork to efficiency to happiness. We only need to keep it alive. Matterial helps multiply company knowledge and to make it productive.

We know how it is

In more than 10 years of knowledge management, we’ve heard about every problem organizations are facing. Chances are we can help.

There’s no replacement for experience

Valuable colleagues retire or move to another department. Newbies move in, but can’t fill the gap. Introductory training demands essential resources from the team and the company.

Missed opportunities, slow decisions

To make decisions and work autonomously, people need to know exactly what to do. If not, performance is low, critical mistakes happen, and work stays inefficient.

So much risk, no fun

Fines and a bad reputation can be fatal for a company, especially in times of GDPR. But it’s difficult to make complex requirements and ever changing policies comprehensive and available to everyone.

Wasting time, money, and ideas

Your colleagues don’t understand the importance of spreading their knowledge and there is no central system in place to record, share and use it. Processes become prone to error, or you have to start all over again each time.

This is how Matterial helps


Record & secure

Know what you know

Find valuable knowledge that’s hidden somewhere in brains, docs, and data sets. Record and organize it.



Make a knowledge garden

Make the paradigm shift from saving data to a living knowledge culture, in which people are motivated to share what they know.

Use and secure


Apply knowledge

Companies and markets are changing. By learning from the past, documenting what happens right now and making room for innovation, you stay flexible and leave competition behind.

Happiness and wealth

What does it get you? Happiness and wealth

  • faster, better decisions
  • fewer bottlenecks and weak spots
  • efficient answers to new business opportunities and unexpected problems
  • a work culture into which people like to invest

All this means increased performance, competitive edge, and more happiness for your staff and customers.

Document processes and projects

Document processes and projects

Processes, tests, workflows, instructions and according files are recorded so quickly it doesn’t feel like work. Everyone who needs access can edit and share them.

Documentation with Matterial

Multi-language documentation for companies

Your knowledge is as diverse as the people in your company. Matterial supports many languages for each document, so language barriers and errors are a thing of the past.

Multi-language documentation with Matterial

Multi-language documentation
Customer Service Center

Customer Service Center

People’s questions about your product or software are mostly similar. Matterial lets you document them, so your agents have the right info always available. Requests and answers are recorded in next to no time.

Knowledge management in your service center

Staff turnover & change of leadership

A wind of change is a good thing, but only if it carries experience from the past. Heaps of knowledge have to be recorded and handed over. Matterial helps include new colleagues faster and more thoroughly while saving resources.

Give your knowledge a new purpose

Staff turnover

Clubs, societies & co-ops

Everyone wants to lend a hand. To do that, processes, documents, and events must be accessible for all. Matterial gives everyone has a centralized hub for staying informed.

Clubs, societies and co-ops


New people come in every day, needing to know the house rules, wi-fi access, the coffee machine. Make your life easier with Matterial. It also works as a community platform to foster synergies in your co-working space.



Big plans? If everyone knows how to run, your company runs. Matterial lets you scale knowledge to your needs, because a solid knowledge management helps you make your big plans happen.