Knowledge management that simply works. Anywhere.

Knowledge is the base every organization is built on. Utilized, it has a positive effect on every domain — from paperwork to efficiency to happiness. We only need to keep it alive. Matterial helps multiply company knowledge and to make it productive.

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Process documentation

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Call center


Customer service

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Project documentation


Website integration


Securing knowledge

Document processes & projects

Processes, tests, workflows, instructions and according files are recorded so quickly it doesn’t feel like work. Everyone who needs access can edit and share them.

Multilingual Teams

Your knowledge is as diverse as the people in your organization. Matterial supports many languages in one single document, so language barriers and related mistakes become a thing of the past.

Customer Service Center

People’s questions about your product or software are mostly similar. Matterial lets you document them, so your agents have the right info always available. Requests and answers are recorded in next to no time.

Staff turnover & change of leadership

A wind of change is a good thing, but only if it carries experience from the past. Heaps of knowledge have to be recorded and handed over. Matterial helps include new colleagues faster and more thoroughly while saving resources.

Co-ops & clubs

Everyone wants to lend a hand. To do that, processes, documents, and events must be accessible for all. Matterial gives everyone has a centralized hub for staying informed.


New people come in every day, needing to know the house rules, wi-fi access, the coffee machine. Make your life easier with Matterial. It also works as a community platform to foster synergies in your co-working space.


Big plans? When everyone knows how to run, your company runs. Matterial lets you scale knowledge to your needs, because a solid knowledge management helps you make your big plans happen.

Workshops & Training

Matterial is so easy you can use it right away. But managing knowledge sustainably and keeping it alive can be daunting. This is our expertise.

We raise stakeholders’ awareness for knowledge management and give everyone a toolbelt of tips and tricks to organize and scale your company knowledge.