Living knowledge for progressive organizations

We develop knowledge management software to help companies build a vibrant knowledge culture, make their knowledge centrally accessible and sustainably preserve this asset.

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Knowledge for everyone

Before we founded Matterial, we gained expertise by making custom solutions for workflow documentations of large enterprises. But we believe knowledge management isn’t only for international companies, it can be equally profitable and valuable for small or medium-sized businesses, co-ops and startups, clubs and co-working spaces, who don’t have six-figure budgets on their hands.

Software & Community

That’s why we’re building Matterial for everyone, as Software-as-a-Service web tool and native app that runs anywhere.
We don’t want to build heavy, proprietary solutions anymore. The expertise we acquired from years working on organizing knowledge, however, still has a deep impact on our new product Matterial.
We know that software is only part of the product. The most important and most interesting part are the people who set out to create new things with it.

For sustainability & autonomy

We believe in autonomy and control of the individual. Our servers are in Germany, underlying strict privacy policies and data protection directives, powered completely by green energy. Our internal team works full-time on the development of Matterial. We’re independent from inverstors, because we want to build a sustainable product that still works decades from now.

Matterial for collaboration

Matterial is developed in Mainz, in our co-working space M1. You’re invited to come over and have a chat with us. Most of us are also part of a non-profit co-op called Synthro eG, trying to enthuse people for alternative ways to run businesses, supporting people with great ideas and bringing them together. We like it when lots of people can profit from our work.

Matterial is constantly under heavy development, we’re making it better and better. So we’re always happy about a personal conversation, if you have feedback and ideas for us that will make Matterial the best knowledge management system for you.