Knowledge is money. Let’s put it to work.

Up to 30% of working time gets lost, just trying to get the right information. That’s not only unproductive, it’s frustrating.

Shared knowledge from a single central source makes your work efficient, safe, and better.

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All in one place

Knowledge at the workplace is all over the place: in emails, on hard drives, in wikis, on paper — but also in meetings, spreadsheets and especially in the heads of your coworkers.

Matterial records collective knowledge in one place and shares it with the people who need it.

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Secure knowledge

A simple editor gives you all the tools to record and structure information in Matterial. It’s flexible enough to display any kind of information comprehensively: text, tables, images, video, audio, and any file format.

Find knowledge

Instead of clicking through folders and files, Matterial’s superfast intelligent search helps you find knowledge in a heartbeat — with suggestions and a full text search that works in attachments too.

Share knowledge

Clear rights and permissions management define access to knowledge individually. Share valuable information fast and easy with the right set of people. They’ll be notified via email and in the Matterial app.

Use knowledge

Knowledge multiplies and gets better when everyone can work together. Matterial enables collaboration without confusion. Clear versioning ensures that changes are always transparent and traceable.

The right tools for efficient knowledge management

Rights & user management

No hassle when deciding who should have access to which documents — no one is overwhelmed, everyone has the information they need.


Attach as many files in as many formats as you like, to collect everything that’s useful for the contect of a doc. The attachments’ content is also parsed by search.


With tasks, you can request new knowledge from the right people or groups, and add what’s been missing.


Built-in review mechanisms help you keep knowledge up-to-date, rlevant, and correct — be it process instructions or ISO docs.


No communication breakdowns: documents in different languages are treated and managed as one unit.


Communication is King. Comments keep relevant persons in the loop and collaborating, elaborating on knowledge and keeping it alive.


Create templates for all similarly structured documents, like protocols or working instructions. Turn them into documents in a heartbeat.


Notifications are your backchannel to everyone involved, so everyone knows when there’s something new, when something changed, and why.

Cloud Service

Use Matterial as software-as-a-service, in the cloud. We take care of the infrastructure, so you can manage your knowledge without worries.


As an option, install Matterial on your own servers, with your own database. Need to migrate and optimize data? We’re here to help.

Single Sign-On

Matterial is part of your work structure, your systems and tools. Sign in once, be logged in everywhere.

Knowledge Flash

Knowledge hides in the most improbable places and sometimes you don’t have time to record it properly. So just take a photo, a voice memo or a note in Matterial and flesh it out later.

Content Management

Use our API to publish content directly to your website, from your knowledge base. You groom and maintain it centralized and display selected content publicly.


Our editor runs on markdown — the fastest way to write and stay with the idea. The data format is reduced to the essence, so it’ll still be useable in decades.


When knowledge is confidential, data and access must be protected. For extra security, activate 2-factor-authentication.