Master staff turnover with knowledge management

Against loss of knowledge and silo mentality

Personal development

Personnel development with an efficient knowledge base

Nobody has time for holding hands

New coworkers are great: they’re motivated and bring a wind of change into the company. But they also eat up a lot of resources, because they first need to understand what your organization is all about and how you work. Then they need training. They don’t know the structures or workflows or procedures. For most of their questions, they turn to their colleagues. The productive amount of work they’re able to do is small, with little efficiency, which can be frustrating for all sides.

No matter if you want to scale up or hand down CEO responsibilities — the knowledge new people need is stuck in a few smart heads.


I wish knowledge was inheritable

Whether it’s a change of a board member or a new generation taking the lead in the company, masses of knowledge need to be recorded, structured, and shared. Matterial helps you include new staff members faster, more thoroughly into your company infrastructure and culture, while saving resources.

Change management against loss of knowledge

Keep expertise, innovate, build a knowledge culture

Whether we like it or not, organizations and markets are changing faster than ever. That’s why it’s especially important to influence these changes in a positive way. So experience needs to be preserved and cultivated, while trying new things at the same time. A culture of knowledge to which everyone feels welcome is the solution to this feat. The benefits and success of such a cultural change are easy to measure:

  • fewer mistakes, less frustration
  • better business development and active exchange of ideas
  • recorded experience as opportunity to evaluate current challenges
  • better resource retaining
  • more efficient and productive work
  • self-reliance, confidence and trust
Change management

Knowledge management simplifies workflows by introducing clear and comprehensive structures to collect information in a central place and impart it to the right people.

Matterial organizes your wealth of knowledge

Knowledge is the only thing that grows when it’s shared, because other can build upon it. That’s why we built a software that makes it easy to record and share knowledge.

Matterial helps your organization grow into a living knowledge culture that multiplies its knowledge and educates everyone in it with internal and external information. It supports you in securing your intellectual capital, save resources, preventing crises, and being always a step ahead of your competition.


Flash — record ideas whenever they come to you

Brainwaves come to us in the most unlikely places. With Matterial you don’t have to let them go, you can even take a picture or record just a little speech memo and flesh out the idea later.

Permission and access rights

Rights — Not everything’s important for everyone

Too much information is likely to overwhelm us. That’s why Matterial has a complex access right system that’s easy to handle — so everyone has the knowledge they need, but no one gets stunned.

GDPR and data security

GDPR & data security — Just to make sure

Matterial runs on German servers underlying German law: all data is redundantly saved, nothing can get lost and no one listens in.

New knowledge

New knowledge — request and record

Everyone can be part of your knowledge database. Instead of having only one go-to person, new employees can ask the whole company. Someone who knows the ropes and has the time can answer accordingly.


Review — audit for correctness

Built-in versioning management makes sure that all information stays up-to-date, is complete and unambiguous. This reliability creates competence and responsibility.