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An explanation of the review feature

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What it is

A document can be reviewed before publishing by experts or responsible persons via review groups.

How it works

There are 4 ways of saving a document in Matterial. Simply saving creates a draft of the document, “publish” makes the document visible and editable for select persons.

But there is also the possibility to request a review for a document before it is published. An administrator creates review groups and assigns experts or persons in charge to these groups. When an author selects “request review” for a document, she can select one or more of these review groups to review the document.

Persons in a review group receive a notification for the requested review. When one of them decides that the document is up-to-date, complete and correct, she can publish the document. The label “reviewed” is then added to the document.

It is possible to publish documents as reviewed, including the label, if the author has the right to do so.


Having several sets of eyes on a document guarantees that documents that a cofidential, are crucial for success or security, or are in any other form important do not contain errors and would therefore be problematic to publish or share.

Communication concerning a document happens always in the context of a document in the software, via notifications, comments or tasks. Additionally relevant persons are also informed via email when something demands their attention.

Use cases

  • legal documents
  • documents that need to meet special requirements
  • ISO documents
  • documents that need to be signed off by another instance
  • proofreading for typos and content
  • collaboration and completion of content provided by different teams