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Some useful tips on how to make your work with Matterial even faster and more efficient

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Get a good first overview with the documents Writing with Markdown.

Still, let us share some power user tips with you, for working even more efficiently with Matterial.

Show all documents

Type an asterisk * into the search field and start the search to see all documents in Matterial. With filters, you can narrow down your search.


You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to format your text or command your editor, so you can keep your fingers on the keyboard while writing.

Function Shortcut
Save cmd/ctrl + s
Italic cmd/ctrl + i
Bold cmd/ctrl + b
Add link cmd/ctrl + l

Search filter

After you searched for something, you can apply filters to narrow down your search. You can always use multiple filters.


With a click on “language”, you can see how many documents correspond to your search term, and in what languages they are available.


With status, you can search for documents with a status that wouldn’t normally allow you to see them:

  • show archived documents
  • show deleted documents
  • show only documents pending for review
  • show documents I don’t have access to


Here you see the categories of documents that correspond to your search term. You can narrow down your search by only selecting the respective categories.


Filter for documents you follow or that you marked as helpful.


This filter shows only documents you have marked as valuable with a star.

Remove or disable filters

Once you’ve applied filters, the last item in your filter bar is “remove filters” and the number of filters you have chosen.

Sort search results

At the upper right hand corner of your search results you can sort them:

  • alphabetically
  • show documents you marked as helpful first
  • show newest documents first
  • show recently edited documents first

Save your search

At the upper right of your search results, you can save your search to return to it anytime, including your applied filters. If you give your search a name, you can have them displayed on your dashboard or your navigation

Configure your dashboard

In your document view, all the way at the bottom underneath the additional properties, you’ll find the option “Pin to”. With this, you can pin a document to everyone’s dashboard, to a section of your choosing.

Any questions? Have a look at our FAQ.