Customize your dashboard with saved searches

How to build your individual dashboard and the dashboard of your colleagues

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What you see on your dashboard is controlled by saved searches. This means that new documents that match your search are always dynamically added or obsolete documents are always removed.

  1. Enter a search term. This can be a keyword search, but also a category or a document property.
  2. Refine the search results through the search filters and sort them as you need them.
  3. Click on “Save search”.
  4. Enter a name for your search.
  5. Decide whether you want to save the search just for yourself or for one or more groups (this is only possible with the appropriate permission).
  6. Decide if the saved search should also be displayed on the dashboard If not, it will only appear in the left navigation.
  7. Click on “save”.

You can delete or edit the saved searches in the left navigation bar. You can also move up and down, delete or edit the sections on the dashboard. You can adjust the sections on the dashboard by clicking on “edit”.