REST - Logon - AutoLogin


auto login for specific domain

Checks if auto-login-user for requested domain exists and automatically logs-in without any further checks. Finally redirects to ui. Will be configured through db-preferences with domain as suffix ( = true = faq

URL GET <application-url>/api/logon/auto


  • 303 SEE_OTHER

Permission -

Sample GET http://localhost:8080/mtr-backend/api/logon/auto

login by LoginToken

Checks if hash is valid, logs-in the user, and redirects to ui. URL GET <application-url>/api/logon/auto/<loginTokenSeriesIdBase64>/<loginTokenBase64>

Path parameter

  • loginTokenSeriesIdBase64
  • loginTokenBase64

Query parameter

  • dataSourceName The desired dataSource name
  • rememberMe possible: true, false default: false Remember the user on success (cookie + tempKey)
  • overwriteServerUrl Special option for webdev: possibility to overwrite the serverUrl of the datasource. Format: http://localhost:8080


  • 303 SEE_OTHER

Permission -

Sample GET http://localhost:8080/mtr-backend/api/logon/auto/xxx/xxx