App - Breaking Changes

Breaking changes in `App` and `Messaging-Service` for each release.

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App v2.3.0

Parameter documentValid removed

Parameter documentValid removed and replaced by showInvalid and showInvalidOnly. The new parameters are also available now for Search.

  • Document => Get documents
  • Document => Get documents in trash (admin trash)

JSON instead of text/plain

Several interfaces will “produce” application/json / application/xml instead of text/plain:

  • Document.archive
  • Document.unarchive
  • Document.trash
  • Document.untrash
  • Document.finallyRemove
  • Document.removeLanguageVersions
  • Document.removeVersion
  • Document.setAdditionalProperties

Messaging Service v1.5

New path mail instead of messaging

Old path: /messaging-service/api/messaging.
New path: /messaging-service/api/mail.
The components of the path now are available via Api.

App v2.2.0

DocumentResource: markdownToHtml replaced by loadHtml

The misleading query parameter named markdownToHtml is replaced by loadHtml. Behaviour still keeps the same.

On true this tries to load html.
If the source is markdown, it will be converted to html.
If the source is html, the original html will be loaded.

On false this tries to load markdown, which is the default.
If the source is html, it will be converted to markdown.
If the source is markdown, the original markdown will be loaded.