App - API Changes

Breaking changes and additions in `App` and `Messaging-Service` for each release.

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App v2.6.0


  • Document: Query-parameter categoryTypeId added (Fetch + Search) (v2.5.2)

App v2.5.0

Breaking changes


  • Renamed api-path: passwordreset => magiclink


  • Changed REST API for update: Only allowed for authors, does only update specific fields (no more status-update available)
  • New REST API for: accept, return, close, reject, reopen (instead of simple update)


  • Load documents - Parameter loadReadTimes removed

Api objects

  • Document.languageVersionCustomVersionString added
  • DocumentChangeLog.dlvVersionComment added
  • DocumentChangeLog.dlvCustomVersionString added
  • LoginData.pwdMustChange removed
  • LoginData.pwdSetEnabled added
  • RoleRight.readConfirmationRequested added
  • Document.readConfirmationTimesInSeconds added
  • Document.roleRelationReadConfirmationRequested added
  • Document.readConfirmationActive added
  • DocumentChangeLog.languageVersionCustomVersionString added
  • DocumentChangeLog.languageVersionVersionComment added
  • Task.resubmissionTimePeriod added
  • Task.resubmissionTimeUnit added
  • Task.resubmissionDateInSeconds added
  • DocumentForPdfConversion.lastAuthor added
  • DocumentForPdfConversion.publishingDate added
  • DocumentForPdfConversion.reviewer added
  • DocumentForPdfConversion.showLastAuthor added
  • DocumentForPdfConversion.showVersion added
  • DocumentForPdfConversion.showPublishingDate added
  • DocumentForPdfConversion.showReviewer added
  • SavedSearchNotification added
  • added


  • Compare: Setting option INDENT to no because of code-blocks nested in pre-tags resulted in an additional linebreak.
  • Changed Flexmark parser options: HtmlRenderer.RENDER_HEADER_ID=false
  • Changed Flexmark parser options: TocExtension / SimTocExtension deactivated
  • Changed Flexmark parser options: TypographicExtension.ENABLE_SMARTS=true
  • Special attribute matpopout removed
  • Changed Flexmark parser options: Restored default value for FENCED_CODE_LANGUAGE_CLASS_PREFIX (language-)
  • Conversion: Parser option changed due to performance issues: TablesExtension.FORMAT_TABLE_ADJUST_COLUMN_WIDTH = false


  • DocumentChangeLog: Additionally loading the active contactimage of a person
  • Document: Custom version string added
  • Logon: Always send magic link for invitations (also for existing credentials)
  • Logon: AccountSetting added accountSetting.showSetPasswordHint
  • Logon: Possibility added to unset password by invoking changePassword with no passwordNew (and no passwordNew2)
  • Preference: ClientPreferences added: document.editor.availableColours, document.editor.availableFonts
  • Document: Possibility added to add some more information to the generated PDF: author, version, publishing date, reviewer
  • Document: Read Confirmation - API confirm added
  • Document: Read Confirmation - Request for a “read confirmation” added while storing a document via RoleRight
  • Read Confirmation - Loading readConfirmationRequested from related RoleRights as Document.roleRelationReadConfirmationRequested
  • Document: Read Confirmation - Get documents with readConfirmationTime
  • Document: Read Confirmation - Get documents by readConfirmationRequested added (param: readConfirmationRequested) (I should confirm)
  • Document: Read Confirmation - Get documents by readConfirmationActive added (params: showReadConfirmationActiveOnly + hideReadConfirmationActive) (Read confirmation has generally be activated)
  • Document: Read Confirmation - Sending email about read confirmation
  • Document: Read Confirmation - Indexing readConfirmationTimes
  • Task: Resubmission Task - New REST API action resubmit added
  • Document: Read Confirmation - New permission REQUEST_AND_SHOW_READ_CONFIRMATION for store and loadReadConfirmationTimes
  • Document: Load documents - Parameter loadReadConfirmationTimes added
  • Document: Metadata in PDF - Using old angular code again, instead of backend velocity templates (After angular update main.css is not available anymore)
  • Document: Read Confirmation - Websocket notification for “myself” added
  • Logon: Also send HTTP Status ACCEPTED when requesting a MagicLink, if credential is unknown (security)
  • Logon: Set LoginData.pwdSetEnabled = true on several login origins
  • Messages: Using account.createTime as fallback for accountsetting accountSetting.mtrMessagesTimestampInSeconds
  • SavedSearch: Websocket notifications for SavedSearches - Notify accounts if SavedSearches are created, updated, removed
  • Signup: Signup with different presets - Default data “default documents” added for Coop-mode
  • Signup: Signup with different presets - Default data “CompanyInfo” added for Coop-mode
  • Signup: Signup with different presets - Default data “Roles” added for Coop-mode
  • Signup: Signup with different presets - Default data “Categories” added for Coop-mode
  • Signup: Signup with different presets - Default data “AdditionalProperties” added for Coop-mode
  • Signup: Signup with different presets - Default data “Logo” added for Coop-mode
  • Signup: Signup with different presets - Default data “Templates” added for Coop-mode
  • AdditionalProperties: Possibility added to filter propertyType=0 => loading all custom properties
  • Conversion: Additional parameter added to ConversionResource: htmlCleanerLevel

App v2.4.0


Assigning / unassigning roles from persons now produces Json / XML (List<Person>) instead of nothing:

  • Assign role to person
  • Assign roles to persons
  • Unassign role from person
  • Unassign roles from persons

Changed path for assigning / unassigning multiple roles from persons. Added byaccount because of colliding paths.

  • Assign roles to persons
  • Unassign roles from persons


Automatically set (overwrite) contact (author) of comment on update / create.


REST API path renamed: permissionfree to unrestricted.

  • Get unrestricted preference by key
    • New: GET <application-url>/api/instancecontrol/preference/cache/byunrestrictedkey/<preferenceKey>
    • Old: GET <application-url>/api/instancecontrol/preference/cache/bypermissionfreekey/<preferenceKey>


  • Changed Flexmark parser options:
    • HtmlRenderer.GENERATE_HEADER_ID=true, HtmlRenderer.RENDER_HEADER_ID=true
    • AttributesExtension.FENCED_CODE_INFO_ATTRIBUTES=true
    • TocExtension / SimTocExtension activated
    • AsideExtension activated
  • Added attribute matPopout to tables and FencedCodeBlocks
  • InlineParserExtension and AttributeProvider for AsideBlocks with special info added (@info, @warn)

POM matterial-api + messaging-service


  • Search: New param allLanguages added to search, autocomplete, SavedSearch.execute (overwrites languageKey)
  • Document/Search: Do not set additionalPropertyId if additionalPropertyType is also set
  • Preferences: Possibility added to get all unrestricted keys with one API-call
  • Document: Added ignore options for related data on update (AdditionalProperties, Categories, ExtensionValues, Attachments, RoleRights, Responsibles)
  • Person: Added ignore options for related data on update / update personal data (Clients, ContactImages, Addresses, CommunicationData)
  • Version: API added to get version information as JSON
  • Client: New API for “Company info” added
  • Person/Credential: New flag limited added
  • New API: Store (invite) Credential as limited
  • New API: Person - set / remove limited flag
  • Licence: New licence part limited user added
  • Document: Action-interface “Set Responsibles” for documents on clipboard
  • Document: Action-interface “Set RoleRights” for documents on clipboard
  • Document: Automatically add in-text-links additionally to database as related document
  • Document: New param mentionedAccountIdInComment added to search and autocomplete

App v2.3.0

Parameter documentValid removed

Parameter documentValid removed and replaced by showInvalid and showInvalidOnly. The new parameters are also available now for Search.

  • Document => Get documents
  • Document => Get documents in trash (admin trash)

JSON instead of text/plain

Several interfaces will “produce” application/json / application/xml instead of text/plain:

  • Document.archive
  • Document.unarchive
  • Document.trash
  • Document.untrash
  • Document.finallyRemove
  • Document.removeLanguageVersions
  • Document.removeVersion
  • Document.setAdditionalProperties

Messaging Service v1.5

New path mail instead of messaging

Old path: /messaging-service/api/messaging.
New path: /messaging-service/api/mail.
The components of the path now are available via Api.

App v2.2.0

DocumentResource: markdownToHtml replaced by loadHtml

The misleading query parameter named markdownToHtml is replaced by loadHtml. Behaviour still keeps the same.

On true this tries to load html.
If the source is markdown, it will be converted to html.
If the source is html, the original html will be loaded.

On false this tries to load markdown, which is the default.
If the source is html, it will be converted to markdown.
If the source is markdown, the original markdown will be loaded.