Manage and request knowledge better with this simple feature

Introducing: the Knowledge Flash

One of the deadliest threats to collaboration for successful knowledge management is not getting the right information at the right time. One of the biggest time-wasters is not knowing how to get this information. One of the most unnerving mechanisms of the brain is to have an idea and then forget it.

But we have a new thing going on. We decided to counter all three evils at once with a new Matterial feature called ”knowledge flash”. It’s a floating action button that you always see in the UI (if you don’t turn it off) that lets you create knowledge snippets — flashes — in next to no time.

You know how your best ideas come to you in the strangest places? Have you noticed you think of an important to do in the most absurd situations? Even if not, they tend to get lost somewhere. But the flash wants to help you keep them.

Never forget an idea anymore. Never let knowledge get lost because you don’t know where to request it. It’s lightning-fast and you can always return to put some meat on the skeleton.

Knowledge Flash in action

Simply click the button and hack in the basic information: a line of text, or a photo snapped with your phone, or a voice message. This works literally from anywhere with an internet connection (yes, there’ll be an app eventually) and from any place in the UI, even when you’re working on another document (we know, these ideas have a mind of their own).

When you just create the flash, you automatically assign a task to yourself to fill it with the relevant information later.

Knowledge Flash workflow

But you can also assign someone else if you need information or collaboration from them, and if you do, they get a task. If you’re unsure who’s the best go-to-person for your knowledge request, you can assign whole groups or departments. Everybody in that group will then see the task and someone who sees themselves fit will accept it. You’ll get a notification when it’s done.

So with the new release, you can create knowledge stubs or request knowledge in Matterial in an instant. Also, that way, everything remains in one central place.

Try it and thank us later. Or don’t, because we did this for ourselves as much as for you.